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University start: How to get to the study place

Without university start no university start. That sounds borderline, but describes the situation exactly. Because the way to the place of study, for example in medicine, leads only over Hochschulstart, the platform of the foundation for university admissions. Here decides, whether they get their desired study place or not. And not only in the medical […]

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Dropout: Tips for Students

Studying has been a trend for years. Increasing numbers of students mean, however, that it increasingly comes to drop out of studies. If the motivation is still great at first, many realize that demands, expectations and stress are too much or that a theoretically designed study just does not fit. With frustration and poor performance, […]

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Blended Learning: Definition and Benefits

With technology, learning has changed and evolved. Blended learning is not widely known as a term, but it is practiced almost everywhere. Especially at universities blended learning can be observed and students benefit from the various advantages of this learning concept. For example, there have long been various e-learning platforms and models at universities and […]

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